Kanana Mokoro Trail


There can be no better way to enjoy the tranquillity and peace of the Okavango Delta than by mokoro – the traditional dug-out canoe. It is also arguably the best wildlife viewing experience….. and this package has been designed to allow guests to search for rarely seen creatures such as the sitatunga antelope and the magnificent Pel’s fishing owl. The Trails Camp accommodates only four guests in two twin bedded tents, each of which has adjacent bucket shower and ‘long drop’ toilet facilities. Lighting is by rechargeable 12 volt lamps, charged by solar power and refrigeration is by gas-operated freezers. All cooking in the camp is bush style, using fire and coals and the decades of experience from our camp chefs. A stay at the Trails Camp includes the services of two professional guides, personal chef, waiter, housekeeper and mokoro guides, ensuring that guests have the most personalised attention at all times.

The Trails Camp is ‘mobile’ and is moved depending upon the water levels, thus allowing guides to stay close to the areas occupied by sitatunga (it is not moved every night).


Maun/Okavango Delta

On arrival at Maun Airport, you will be met by a uniformed Ker and Downey representative, who will assist with arrivals, and the connection for your twenty minute charter flight into the unique area that is the Okavango Delta. Upon arrival at Kanana airstrip, you will be collected by your guide and driven to Kanana Camp, from where you will board your mokoro and glide peacefully out into one of the most remote areas of the Delta. On a secluded island, you will find your rustic bush camp where friendly staff wait ready to welcome you with a refreshing cool drink.

After an introduction to the region by your guide and host, it will be time to venture out onto the papyrus lined waterways, to begin your exploration of this diverse environment, as your mokoro guide points out some of the inhabitants of this fascinating world including red lechwe antelope, fish eagles, painted reed frogs, golden orb spiders and tiny malachite kingfishers.

Upon returning to camp, a piping hot shower under the stars awaits. Iced drinks and a three-course dinner follows, and then you gather around a blazing campfire listening to your hosts tell tall tales of their time in the wild.

In additional to walks, guests can also participate in some fishing from mokoro for bream, pike and silver catfish. The camp is equipped with fishing rods and spinning lures.


Okavango Delta

After a light breakfast, your guides will lead your mokoro out exploring this wonderland of islands that provides a seasonal haven to upwards of forty species of large mammals, including the rarely seen sitatunga. This elusive creature is a swamp dwelling antelope, related to other spiral horned antelope, the bushbuck and nyala, and is found throughout Central Africa, with the central population range being in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, spreading east into Tanzania and south into Zambia and Botswana.

An adult sitatunga stands about one and a half meters at the shoulder, and is completely adapted to living in water. Their hooves are long and splayed in order to allow the animal to move easily through their watery habitat as Sitatunga spend most of their lives in papyrus swamps. They are also very strong swimmers and often take to open water to evade predators such as leopards or wild dogs, and will lie submerged in pools with only their nostrils above the surface when threatened.

The Kanana concession is prime habitat for these beautiful creatures and along with the multitude of bird species found in the area, including rarities such as the Pel’s fishing owl and slaty egret, they are the focus of the activities on the trail.

As the day warms up, you can retreat to your private island to enjoy a cooling drink, and a lazy lunch, followed by some siesta time in your hammock. In the late afternoon, you will continue your journey of discovery with a walk on an island – searching the canopies of African Ebony, and Mangosteen trees for the rare Pel’s Fishing Owl. The walk is combined with more time in the mokoro.


Okavango Delta/Maun

After an early morning activity and breakfast, and after bidding farewell to your hosts, you will transfer by mokoro to Kanana Camp, where you will be transferred to your waiting charter aircraft.

We recommend a night at Kanana Camp at the beginning or end of this Trail (or both), as an excellent way of rounding off your experience.

Trails Camp is closed 01 Nov – 28 Feb.

Whilst on the Trail, all meals, snacks and beverages are included, and a daily laundry service is available.